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Don’t Let the Connection Fade


I haven’t posted to this blog since February, for a lot of reasons. My school district has had a fairly tumultuous 2nd semester that left me feeling uncertain and off-center for a few months. That, in combination with more focus on sharing student work via our classroom blog and a busy home life being married to a high school principal and mothering a preschooler and a first grader resulted in an inadvertent 3-month professional blogging hiatus.

But that doesn’t mean my online professional learning neighborhood has forgotten me, nor I them! A couple of Twitter messages from my PLN friends (I’ve missed you Denise and Joy!!) inspired me to reconnect. As did an email message I received from a teacher in Virginia who had read my blog post about getting my Masters degree, and wrote to inquire about whether I would recommend the program. (I do!)

I realized that these are the reasons not to let my blog fade any further. The professional relationships (many of which develop into personal friendships) that I have built during the 2 years of writing this blog have made me a better teacher. A connected educator. And I’m not willing to let that go!


  1. Laura, how could we forget you?!

    You have impacted my students in such a positive way – they have YOU to thank for their teacher desk turned “student station,” and all the supplies they have access to and take care of! They love sitting there and using anything they can get their hands on. I love how they’ve adopted the name, too, because that’s truly what it is! (All of my stuff is either in bins up above, or in my file cabinet.)

    And do you remember that week Dean Shareski was in your district and I was able to connect with your session?! Oh, how eye-opening for me! That’s when I truly felt connected for the first time… sitting in my PJs eating breakfast… LEARNING!

    Keep lovin’ that family of yours, and don’t worry about blogging – just don’t leave us!

    Love ya!

    • Joy-
      Thank you so much for the kind words. And of course I remember you joining us for EdWeekSJSD with Dean Shareski last year! The previous year’s session with Dean is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place.

      I’m so glad you were able to learn from it too. Sadly, there is no EdWeekSJSD this year, and one of its primary organizers is leaving our school district… a huge loss for us. We will stay connected in other ways, though!

      I hope your summer comes soon!


  2. Ah, Laura, it’s good to see you back. We have missed you so. This post reminds me of the joy I get from reading your blog. I so agree that my connections make me a better teacher. Thanks for being part of that and not letting us go!

    I hope the next few days finishing your year are great, and have a refreshing summer.


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