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Encouraging New Ed Bloggers


A few weeks ago I was asked by my principal to host an after school “how-to” session about blogging. I was excited and immediately sent out an email asking who might be interested and when I should hold the session.

A week later my principal and 5 teachers showed up in my room after school for a little moral support and blogging information. Everyone’s vision for what they wanted to do with a blog was a little different, but they all dug right in. It was a fun hour and I think everyone got something out of it.

One of the teachers who came, Tonya Sharp, has jumped right in to posting to her new blog: Sharp Science. She has written 3 posts and they are great! I would really be excited (and I bet she would too) if some of my great PLN members (that’s you!!) would click over to Sharp Science and leave her some friendly and encouraging comments. She is a wonderful teacher and would be a great member of anyone’s PLN.


  1. Laura,
    How great of you to promote blogging at your school! I don’t even have a clue if any teachers at mine are interested. I don’t think any of them DO blog, but I’ll have to ask! I did stop by the science blog – loved the post on the potato! Keep spreading the importance of blogging and reflection – you are an inspiration to those teachers, and a strong role model!

  2. That’s great you got more teachers to blog. It’s amazing that a lot more teachers aren’t blogging about their experiences.

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